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50 Important COLLECTIVE NOUNS PDF File For Primary Tet/Railway Group D/Ctet And All Competetive Exam | Collective Nouns pdf

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Today we are sharing 50 Collective Nouns pdf download link. This pdf is based on All Competitive Exam,Like Primary Tet/Railway Group D/Ctet etc.So you need some study Materials for Practice.
So,don't waste the time and download this practice study materials as soon as possible. Hope,This PDF helpful to you.

Collective Nouns -

1. An ambush of tigers
2. An anthology of poetry
3. An army of soldiers
4. A bale of cotton/wool
5. A bale of jute
6. A band of musicians
7. A band of out laws
8. A band of pilgrims
9. A band of robbers
10. A bank of money
11. A bank of reserves
12. A battery of guns
13. A bench of bishops
14. a bench of judges
15. A bevy of ladies
16. A blush of boys
17. A brood of chickens
18. A brood of birds
19. A brood of hens
20. A building of ravens
21. A bunch of flowers
22. A bunch of keys
23. A bundle of clothes
24. A bundle of sticks
25. A bunting of flags
26. A cache of arms
27. A chain of mountains
28. A chain of events
29. A chaos of regulations
30. A chest of drawers
31. A cloud of words
32. A cloud of flies
33. A clump of shrubs
34. A cluster of grapes
35. A cluster of islands
36. A cluster of nuts
37. A cluster of stars
38. A collection of rare books
39. A colony of ants
40. A colony of gulls
41. A committee of elders
42. A comedy of errors
43. A company of actors
44. A community of saints
45. A community of chairmen
46. A convocation of eagles
47. A congress of leaders
48. A crops of volunteers
49. A coterie of artists
50. A council of ministers

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